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Linen tunic: natural elegance for women

The linen tunic is the ideal companion, on the beach, on summer vacation or even for your own garden. The high-quality fabric brings coolness on hot days and ensures relaxation on the skin and body. The material is beneficial and does not weigh down.

Mythical modernism: the trend of the linen tunic

With the tunic you are wearing one of the oldest pieces of clothing of mankind. Thanks to its all-round pleasant characteristics, the tunic has managed to keep going today. The natural fabric linen is comfortable on the skin and falls light and airy. Therefor the linen tunic combines clothing that has been tried and tested for thousands of years with the power of natural fibers.

Linen: Popular material for tunics, blouses and dresses

Linen is a very popular material for “simple”, but especially comfortable clothes. Dresses and summer tunics bring this functional beauty to the point. As a renewable natural raw material, linen is an absolute trend material in the course of sustainability. The flax or linen fiber is obtained from the so-called flax plant and its stems. The linen fiber is then processed into linen fabric and thus our high-quality linen tunic by various processes.

Characteristics of linen

Linen captivates with a multitude of positive characteristics that are also transferred to the natural linen tunic:

  • Smooth: shiny, lint-free and antistatic
  • Clean: dirt-repellent and naturally antibacterial
  • Refreshing: cooling in damp heat and therefore ideal for summer fashion
  • Durable: tear-resistant, inelastic and optically unique

Linen tunic as beach clothing

The cooling fact of the linen tunic make it the best companion on the beach and at the sea. The absorbed moisture refreshes the skin and cools it down pleasantly. The linen tunic has a typical look: casual and cozy - a classic.

Our linen tunics are like oriental beauties - strong and free. A linen tunic does not deform, it stands by itself - even after the tenth wash. Linen doesn't stretch, it stays the way it is. Longevity, naturalness and cleanliness are statements that are carried with the linen tunic.

There are no limits to the color and shape of the linen tunic. However, it always remains comfortable and elegant. Your bearers should feel the freedom. Fashionable V-necklines and refreshing 3/4 sleeves contribute to this air-loving mood. Warm or delicate shades also convey a feeling of comfort. The linen tunic by van Dalsky is the ideal companion on the beach and literally captures the fresh sea air.


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