van Dalsky

The simpler the better. Fashion should not "scream" but stay rememberable. I call that elegance - my biggest inspiration. A touch of it I want to give to every woman. My designs should bring out the best of each of them. You feel sexy and chic - without losing any of your naturalness.Van Dalsky is a fashion label based in Vienna. The label combines both timeless and elegant design and stands for luxury, exclusivity and high product quality. Most of the tunics which are made in Europe by hand are limited to just a few, so uniqueness is guaranteed. "Fashion has been an incredibly important part of my life since I can remeber. So it was only a matter of time, when and with which product I would realize myself creatively, "says Claudia Wendner, founder and designer of van Dalsky. A good sense for shapes, colors, facets and high demands on herself as well as on the designed products are reflected in the collection.

„Claudia Wendner“ , CEO


The carefully selected and used fabrics coming from Italy, are strictly limited in their quantity and are processed in a small tailoring. Each van Dalsky tunic, as well as every bikini, represents a kind of a "one-of-a-kind piece". Another special feature are the small plates with engraved logo attached to the products of the "limited pieces" category.These are made of 925 silver or 925 silver, plated with fine gold. Our love for details you can find not only in these tunics of our limited edition. Some of our tunic belt-endings are gold plated as well as all our Bikini closures. We want to ensure long lasting quality.

Our tunics are available in a one- size which especially women with dress size 34 - 40 offers the best wearing comfort. The attention to detail can be found not least in the packaging. Each tunic is carefully wrapped in silk paper and sent to its customers in an exclusive box with a personalized message.You can order van Dalsky beachwear online or find us in selected boutiques and beach clubs worldwide.Have fun while wearing your "single piece".


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