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Long tunic: tunic dress for women for summer

A long tunic for the beach and summer vacation is not only functional, but also completes a harmonious swimwear. Adapted to a beautiful bikini, the tunic provides protection, security and a modern chic. The mostly ankle-length fabric is either designed like a closed dress or allows worn open a little more freedom. Playful accessories such as simple belts, belts with gold-plated ends, or noble nacre buttons are unforgettable highlights.

Long linen tunic - classic summer tunic

The long linen tunic is usually a closed summer dress that gives coolness at hot days. This cut is mystical and simple at the same time. The comfort of such a long tunic is second to none, as its volume, paired with the high quality fabrics, caresses the entire body. With its cooling properties, it is perfect for a holiday by the sea and provides the skin with relaxation from the heat.

  • mostly closed design
  • bright colors as additional heat protection
  • ideal for hot summer holidays

Long tunic made of viscose - beach tunic in brilliant colors and patterns

A long tunic made of viscose brings coolness as well and feels so unbelievable soft at the same time. The material stores colors very effectively, which is why elegant patterns are lovingly designed on them. Viscose is perfect for an open cut that emphasizes every aspect of the body. With this long tunic, bikini and panties can be presented sexy or hidden mysteriously. An elegant belt provides the finishing touches to this beach highlight.

  • mostly open design
  • brilliant colors
  • a must piece in your wardrobe 

Long silk tunic - elegant chiffon dress

The long chiffon tunic is simple and striking at the same time. With its long and wide sleeves you are protected from the sun, but not feeling hot as every wind breeze goes thru the material. This tunic is in a constant move. This long tunic is undoubtedly a creative eye-catcher that embodies momentum and sexiness.

  • creative design
  • sexy and eye-catching
  • ideal for a festive summer vacation

Long tunics at the van Dalsky shop

At the van Dalsky online shop you will find numerous tunics with a long cut. These are ideal for a warm summer vacation and elegantly cover up your swimwear. The beach club restaurant or the beach bar can be visited at any time in the charming look of the long tunic.
Van Dalsky stands for product quality, exclusivity and feminine elegance. With our one-size-fits-all for long tunics, women in dress sizes 34 to 40 are elegantly dressed. Take a look around at our homepage and benefit from the unique and limited designs.


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