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Tunic: The elegant beach dress for women

With a tunic you experience freedom of life. Light and casual materias are caressing the skin while the sea air blows thru. The pleasantly wide fit and generous cuts make tunics particularly comfortable. They are ideal as a cover on the beach, while bikini or swimsuit flatter the female contours. The tunic can also cover unpleasant areas without anyone suggesting so. You look natural and confident!

Tunic types: viscose, chiffon & linen tunic

The tunic is a comfortable cover, which however differs in part in the processed materials. We present some variants and what makes them special:

The linen tunic - beach tunic for the sea

With the linen tunic you choose an ideal beach dress. Linen is a smooth and antistatic material that convinces with its cooling effect at the sea. The moisture in the air is stored in its fibers, which refreshes the skin. A linen tunic brings relaxation for the body even during the heat – essential for any summer vacation.

  • Tunic dress for the beach vacation: refreshes the skin
  • Clean look: dirt-repellent, lint-free and inelastic

The viscose tunic - elegant tunic

Viscose is also referred to as artificial silk because it has a very similar touch to it. The shiny material represents luxury and elegance. The viscose tunic has also acquired some of the qualities of cotton. It falls easily, caresses the skin and brings coolness on hot summer days by the sea.

  • Ideal summer dress: breathability and a cooling effect are pleasant in the heat
  • Elegant look: the glossy material shows high quality

The chiffon tunic – a touch of „silk“

A popular fabric is chiffon. The subtle sheen combined with the slight transparency make the chiffon tunic a very special summer wear. The material falls very smoothly over the female curves and provides an elegant note. Chiffon can be processed very creatively, which is why wide sleeves and volume in the cut ensure aesthetic movements. With the matching bikini and panties, this tunic is a harmonious accessory on the beach.

  • Playful cut: chiffon enables creative designs
  • Smooth fashion: the delicate „silk“ feels gently on your skin

Buy tunics online at the van Dalsky shop

The van Dalsky online shop offers a variety of elegant and fresh summer tunics. In addition to charming colors and designs, playful elements also ensure seductive moments. If you want to buy a high quality tunic, you've come to the right place! Quality, exclusivity and elegance are part of the company philosophy. Limited collections also ensure uniqueness which stays in your memory.
The van Dalsky tunics are available in one sizes, which most flatter women with dress sizes 34 to 40. With an exclusive box and the tunic wrapped in fine silk-paper, the arrival of your new summer piece will bring joy!


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