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Viscose tunic: shining beauty on the beach

The viscose tunic brings a cooling freshness to the skin. The shiny material is not only extremely elegant, but also convincing as an ideal summer outfit. Viscose is very popular as artificial silk, which softly caresses the skin. A viscose tunic does not weigh down. It represents fashionable chic.

Summer trend: tunic

The tunic is very popular as a beach dress. It emphasizes the feminine curves with its gentle materials. In combination with a beautiful bikini or swimsuit, the tunic is perfectly presented. Worn closed or open, the flexible viscose tunic enables a functional design. Decide when a curious look is allowed and when not.

Viscose: shiny tunics and blouses

Viscose is a natural synthetic fiber, closely resembles cotton, but also has a touch of silk. The base of this material consists the natural material cellulose. Therefor the viscose filament yarns are not called “artificial silk” for no reason. Viscose can also be found under the term "rayon". The difference lies in the manufacturing process and raw material.

Characteristics of viscose

Viscose combines the positive qualities of cotton and silk. These are making the viscose tunic the ideal summer clothing and an elegant cover.

  • Luxurious: silky sheen
  • Breathable: light material and ideal air circulation
  • Strong colors: brilliant colors due to their absorbent qualities
  • Refreshing: cooling effect of the material
  • Odorless: unpleasant smells like sweat do not stick to the fabric

Viscose tunic by van Dalsky

Thanks to the strong absorbency of viscose, the tunics by van Dalsky convince with brilliant colors and stable lines. The elegant cut presents women at their best and makes them feel sexy and chic. With our viscose tunics, women stay true to themselves - they live freedom and feel their femininity.

With fine style elements such as golden ends (925 gold), nacre buttons or a subtle fabric belt, the van Dalsky tunics made of viscose cause a sensation. This simple elegance is an eye-catcher that stays remembered. Limited materials and tunics ensure creative “one-off” pieces. Our one-size is designed for women with dress sizes 34 to 40 and are delivered in an exclusive box.


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