Tunic Long Cecile VD-700-66
Tunic Long Cecile VD-700-66

Tunic Long Cecile VD-700-66


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We have given the popular “Madeleine” cut one little change- short sleeves. The rolled-up sleeves are fixed with a noble nacre button. Cecile looks so light and still has this strong presence. With every step, with every wind breeze, the tunic swings elegantly with its wearer. If worn open over your bikini, or tied at the waist and ready for lunch at the beach club. This tunic transforms into a real piece of clothing - a dress. How much you are showing is up to you. Either way, you will draw everyone's attention

  • Fabric Cobe Crepe
  • Worn open and closed
  • Taille fabric-belt
  • Nacre buttons on the wrist


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